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Watching this medicine grow in popularity over the past 25 years, even though there's no big corporation or product behind it, makes me hopeful for us as a society. In my opinion, the practice of acupuncture, when prescribed by the diagnostics of Oriental Medicine, holds the key to our country's declining health. Not as an alternative for pain management; but true primary care. BEFORE disease hits; evaluating the subtle function of the organs and their communication between each other is vital for optimal health. Just being disease-fee, or pain-free isn't optimal. it's just one lab away from something big, bad or ugly. Anyway, back in the 1990's I watched acupuncture needles move from

Sarge the Foodie and Dr. Mary’s Rant ~ Watch those Holiday Treats!

Sarge and I love all the holiday parties and the fancy foods and treats during the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. For us, it starts with birthdays, then Thanksgiving, Christmas and runs all the way through to our anniversary at the end of January. The best and healthiest way to indulge in treats and sweets is to make sure it’s homemade with organic ingredients. For me, this has become a necessity to maintain my quest for optimal health. Cheating during the holidays becomes an issue as you age and the impact on the body’s systems can take MONTHS to repair! Genetic make-up and predisposition to disease plays a big role on how an individual can tolerate the additives and food che

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