Beginner Qi Gong....

Feel your QI! This complete YOQI qigong flow routine designed for beginners to purge, tonify, regulate and circulate your qi.

CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network) Validates Acupuncture

It’s nice to see it finally being talked about in Christian circles. Many still believe its eastern mysticism- it’s not. I’ve been a Christian for 36 years and an acupuncture physician for 23 years. In my opinion, this system of medicine is more in line with God’s Word than pharmaceuticals.

What would you like to learn about?

I’ve got the camera ready to go,  but decided to wait and ask you first.  So, I created a quick 2 question survey to find out what YOU would like to learn about!   Just click the link and let me know.  It will only take a few seconds, so please cast your vote!   Who knows, the next class just might be on your favorite topic!

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