If you've struggled with junk food and the relentless cravings that go with it, there is help!  

In my new book, I outline a 2-step protocol to annihilate the cravings in as little as 7 days, guaranteed!

It's all about using a specialized self-help acupressure techniques...

Check out this 29 sec video about the book.

Dealing with fatigue? Weight gain? Brain fog? Sluggish bowels? Hair loss? Your thyroid could be the problem, even with normal lab tests!  

 Check out this FREE 35 minute webinar and discover what you can do to help your thyroid BEFORE it becomes diseased.

 Click to...

Dr Mark Hyman, the host of The Doctor’s Farmacy, interviewed Dr. Sean Lucan, who treats children and adults in the Bronx, NY.  His expertise comes from his work as an award-winning, NIH-funded investigator who has written many articles on food-related issues.  Check o...

Go beyond the lab tests and uncover optimal health!  In this 12 min video, Dr Mary gives a basic explanation of what Oriental Medicine is, how it's different from Western Medicine, and how it can go beyond the lab tests.  Learn about a way to evaluate WHY the body isn'...

Check out this 45 sec video of cosmetic acupuncture.  

Check out the latest 3 min Health Options Miracle Moment interview with Lois, who got her vision back and can now "SEE!"

She wasn't able to finish her quilt until her eye sight was good enough, and now its all done!

Sarge the Foodie was at it again.  

He came to us a food snob at the age of 12 weeks old.  Skinny and picky. 

I think he was born knowing there was something "funky" with the food.  He snubbed the puppy food they sent us home with; but he loved the organic puppy foo...

It's been all over the media, stress is a killer.  

Unfortunately, nothing is being said about the REAL issue, and most of the solutions offered only address the issue with a "mind-set hack" or a prescription that causes other problems, like addiction to a prescribed me...

It’s been all over the news in the State of Florida and nation-wide.  More and more people are having their lives ripped away from them and their families emotionally traumatized due to the over use and subsequent addiction to pain-killing medications.

For decades, I’ve...

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