September 5, 2018

There was a lawsuit that found the maker of Roundup, a commonly used pesticide, guilty of using chemicals in their products that  cause cancer.  It's this SAME chemical that is found in the oat cereals.  Read on...

From an article in The Guardian:  "...

Sarge the Foodie was at it again.  

He came to us a food snob at the age of 12 weeks old.  Skinny and picky. 

I think he was born knowing there was something "funky" with the food.  He snubbed the puppy food they sent us home with; but he loved the organic puppy foo...

It’s been all over the news in the State of Florida and nation-wide.  More and more people are having their lives ripped away from them and their families emotionally traumatized due to the over use and subsequent addiction to pain-killing medications.

For decades, I’ve...

Today's rant is about factory produced foods.  When I brought Sarge home as a puppy, he was so picky about his food!  I think it's because he could smell the food chemicals.  

Food wasn't meant to be cooked and packaged in a factory, and given an extended shel...

November 29, 2017


Sarge the Foodie loves how his mom (that would be me) can make everyone’s favorite Thanksgiving side-dishes without compromising quality or including any food additives, flavors or chemical names or numbers.

This way I can keep on my diet of homemade meals using clean...

Today’s Sarge the Foodie’s Rant:

“If you don’t have a dog’s nose, read the ingredient labels and follow the rules below!”

Sarge doesn’t need to read the labels, he can smell the food chemicals.  Most of us don’t have that ability; although I have become more aware of che...

Given the ability to smell and taste food chemicals at an early age, Sarge came to us at 8 weeks old and a little on the thin side.  His brothers and sisters had no problem eating his food, so no one noticed he wasn’t getting enough to eat. He didn’t want to eat the pu...

March 21, 2017

In this episode of Dr. Mary's Health Options Show, she explains how she handles her food when she travels - and the ugly reality of what can happen if she doesn't follow her own food rules.

Most people don't realize that our bodies are made to rebuild themselves.  If we all really understood this process, we would be WAY more attentive to what we put in an on our bodies, and especially our food choices.  

In the US, we have some of the most adult...


After working with patients for 20 years, I have found that some do better than others, why?  


I’ve asked myself this question many times over the years, and one reason that keeps popping up has to do with what we put into our mouth.  The reason this is such an issue...

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