Reversing Osteoporosis at 80! 

Dr. Mary shares one of her favorite stories of health restoration, and also talks about why diabetics must look at more than just the sugar count when reading labels.

Health Options Show 201601 - Dr. Mary Riggin
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Chronic Shoulder Pain

Janet's chronic shoulder pain, due to the side-effects of medications, is finally relieved!  Find out what she did to finally find her soloution.

Health Options Show 201602 - Dr. Mary Riggin
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Are you sabotaging your healthy eating plan?

Your host:  Dr. Mary Riggin, LAc, DAc, AP

Dr. Mary has been promoting natural health in her community and the media for 20 years. Sharing stories of health restoration in print, TV and radio; her passion continues with her newest production "Health Options Radio Podcast" where she shares the best practices for healthy living she has found in her 20 years in her natural healthcare practice.

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Dr. Mary reveals one of the biggest mistakes people make when trying to eat healthy!

Health Options Show 201603 - Dr. Mary Riggin
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