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Heal - Mend - Repair

Did you know that your body was designed to Heal, Mend and Repair, all by itself? Yes! It's true! All day long, your body makes new cells, and old cells die-off. That means, with time, you will actually rebuild your body parts! I wish my car did that!

The BIG question becomes, what are you doing to supply your body with the building materials it needs to rebuild exceptional body parts?

When this very basic concept, that is covered in every basic anatomy and physiology course, is really understood - you will look at EVERYTHING you put into your body with scrutiny.

Think about it! Your body uses your food as the material source for rebuilding!

We've all been led down a very slippery slope - being led to believe that taste is the most important factor when choosing food. Our taste buds can be deceived! AND, believe it or not, food corporations actually hire "food chemical engineers" to design additives to make you addicted their product. This is so you become loyal to their brand, and addicted to their product. This is completely legal - but in my opinion, not very ethical.

So, what do you do? READ LABELS!! If you can't pronounce it, if you wouldn't find it on the farm, and if it's not recognizable as a food item - it's probably not! I like to call these items, as one of my favorite authors on the topic, Micheal Pollan, calls them - Food Like Etible Products.

If your body is struggling, if you are in pain, if you need any kind of medications because you've been diagnosed with an illness - try evaluating your food! I've seen this simple action create amazing results.

Dr Riggin's Natural Medicine Academy
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