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Poison In Oatmeal And Oat Cereals?

There was a lawsuit that found the maker of Roundup, a commonly used pesticide, guilty of using chemicals in their products that cause cancer. It's this SAME chemical that is found in the oat cereals. Read on...

From an article in The Guardian: "The jury’s verdict found not only that Monsanto’s Roundup and related glyphosate-based brands presented a substantial danger to people using them, but that there was “clear and convincing evidence” that Monsanto’s officials acted with “malice or oppression” in failing to adequately warn of the risks." Read the whole article here.

That same chemical, can be found in many of popular and healthy breakfast cereals including steel cut oats, whole oats, heart healthy oat cereals, and other whole grains. Even if your cereal is organic, you could be low-dosing on poison every day. Check this out....

The Environmental Working Group tested many of the most popular cereals to see which had this poison.

The report states:

"Glyphosate Was Found on Most Samples of Oat-Based Foods"

This is the same organization that tests the produce in the US and gives us the dirty dozen/ clean fifteen list every year.

Check out the research, and the list of cereals that were found to be clean, and be surprised at the ones that have high amounts of poison. Even some ORGANIC cereals had trace amounts of this poison that's known to cause cancer. Check our list and check your groceries!

At the end of the day; my personal preference is to eat things that DO NOT come out of a bag, box, can, jar - anything with a nutrition label on it. BUT, even then, you must do your homework and stay on top of this. The EWG (Environmental Working Group) does a great job at helping sort through this mess of a food supply in the US by testing. We, as consumers need to keep supporting this type of work so WE can feed our families the best and helathiest foods possible.

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