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The Soy Deception?

I heard this years ago after I jumped on the "soy is good for you" fad back around 1997. A few years later, I learned about the reality of how soy should be consumed, and went on the task of eliminating most of it from my diet. I learned how look for hidden soy, and GMO soy. I also learned I can use organic soy sauce (which is fermented and not GMO) to make stir-fry. I was so happy to hear this since stir fry veggies are a family favorite. The rest of the soy needed to go - this meant most of the chocolate out there! Oh no!!

So, why was this such a concern? For me, It was the negative impact on my own thyroid and hormone balance that got me to make the change. My family history makes me very cautious to protect my thyroid from any type of stress, including food. Soy was now on that list. But, only if it's unfermented, as explained in the book: "The Soy Deception" written by: David Brownstein, M.D and Sheryl Shenefelt, C.N.

This is an excerpt from the American Nutrition Association review on this book: "The Soy Deception explains why soy in its unfermented form is an un-healthy food and not the "health food" we have been led to believe."

To read the whole review on the American Nutrition Association website, click here. Amazon carries both new and used copies of the book.

From my training in using food to balance hormones, this made so much sense to me, especially when I consider this in the context of our modern and industrialized food supply. This is one more reason to scrutinize your food, read labels, and try to keep it home-made, organic, and from scratch. Ditch the processed and you remove the stress.

It's not that complicated, but it is hard. Common behavior must change, as new habits are developed.

Home-made food can be very delicious and satisfying - there just needs to be a plan to follow and the determination to follow-though.

If you're having trouble kicking the cravings, check out my book, Freedom from Junk Food in 7 Days: Dr. Riggin's Two-Step Cravings Annihilator.

For a more detailed look at how hormones can get clogged and sluggish, check out this free 35 minute webinar on how the thyroid can get clogged. To watch, click the link: Sluggish Thyroid Webinar

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