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Is it Nap Time? or a Sluggish Thyroid?

It's becoming more and more common to see the symptoms of a sluggish thyroid manifest as fatigue, feeling "stressed", and even wanting that afternoon nap. Some say it's just normal aging that causes the need for more rest; but if that were true - wouldn't EVERYONE need that rest?

What's been evident to me, while evaluating these complaints, is that thyroid hormones can get clogged; NOT SHOW ANYTHING IN THE LABS - but can cause an array of symptoms. One of the biggest indicators is fatigue, but there's a cluster of symptoms that typically go along with the fatigue.

Check out the Symptoms Survey below to see if you've got any of the indicators pointing to a clogged thyroid. If you've checked off any of these indicators; you may want to get checked.

And, if you've been a patient in the past, we are waiving the evaluation fee for you!

For this visit, I use a combination of ancient diagnostic methods combined with an advanced muscle response testing technique to evaluate what hormones are not communicating properly. And remember, you can have perfectly normal blood tests, and still have trouble lurking with hormone communication pathways.

>>>>>Here's the Thyroid Survey - Please check off any of the following symptoms you have experienced in the past 6 months, and bring the results to your visit. Call Rosa at the clinic to get scheduled. 727-669-6000.

( ) Gradual and steady increase in weight

( ) Feeling of inactivity

( ) Lack of interest in life

( ) Fatigue or lethargy

( ) Afternoon naps

( ) Depression or feeling down

( ) Cold intolerance

( ) Hair falls out, coarse hair

( ) Dry skin

( ) Constipation or sluggish bowls

( ) Low body temperature

( ) Feeling of dullness and poor mental focus

( ) Low sex drive

( ) Joint stiffness and arthritis

( ) Fluid retention

( ) Difficulty sleeping through the night


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