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Stress and Spasms Can Cause a Heart Attack!

A spasm is when a muscle contracts - THIS can be caused by any type of stress. A heart attack is often triggered by stress. Stress can cause a spasm which can lead to chest pain and an emergency room visit or even death.

Stress affects the nerves, hormones, blood flow and an array of problems! Don't let stress be the cause of your demise - DO SOMETHING NOW!

Exercise like stretching, walking, laughing can relax the mind and enable your body to get the oxygen and relaxation hormones flowing.

This will protect your body's various parts, including the heart, from all types of stress.

Stress can come in a variety of ways: physical, emotional or even chemical.

Get evaluted to see where your body is at and what you can do to protect it, so it lasts many years to come. Watch the video: Beyond the Lab Tests.


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