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What we do:

We work with a variety of health issues, that include hormone problems, thyroid disease, sluggish thyroid, menopause, painful periods, migraines, allergies, asthma, auto immune disease, chronic pain, sports injuries, frozen shoulder, sciatic pain, arthritis, digestion problems, diabetes, metabolic problems, weak immune system, stress management, pediatric illnesses and behavior problems, family wellness and difficult cases.
By using TCM's unique diagnostic techniques, a treatment plan can be outlined to address the functional imbalances in the body that are causing your symptoms.  
A variety of treatment techniques are used, based on your diagnosis and individual needs.  Healing Touch Oriental Medicine offers:
  • Health History Evaluation - The first step for anyone interested in working with our practice.  This determines if what we do is right for you, uncovers the details of your condition, the history that may be affecting you, and which approach is best for your individual situation.
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine examination - pulse diagnosis (not heart-rate) 10 different positions are felt and categorized.  There are 28 different types of pules.   tongues diagnosis
  • Acupuncture (needles optional) - this will move blood and oxygen to the cells, enhance circulation, and can "reprogram" the body's weak systems.  This is done through specific needle placement, based on the person's specific Chinese Medicine diagnosis, to enhance the body's ability to Heal, Mend and Repair.
  • AcuPoint Compression - this is an advanced acupressure technique that can desensitize allergens, reconnect broken hormone communication pathways, rebuild arthritic joints, jump-start the adrenal glands causing adrenal fatigue, and address "confusion" in the body caused by imbalances that have led to symptoms and disease.  Advanced specialized techniques that Dr. Riggin has been trained in include:  NAET, BRT, JMT, NET, NCRT.  
  • Food as Medicine - turing your meals into your medicine is the best way to achieve and maintain long-lasting results.  Based on your Chinese Medicine diagnosis, food recommendations are made to address the underlying imbalance.  
  • Tui Na Bodywork - a variety of bodywork techniques that includes "push-pull" techniques, deep tissue, cupping to move blood, gwa-sha "scraping method", rotational movement techniques, all designed to rebuild and repair the structure.  
  • Chinese Herbal Medicine - formulas are used to treat the imbalances based on your diagnosis.  Single herbs are rarely used, since Chinese Herbal Medicine has advanced significantly over the past several hundred years; and  formulas are used to get the best results with little to no side effects.  This is very different from single herbs found in the health food stores.  Its not just the symptom that's treated, it's the underlying imbalance that's addressed, making the herbal formula safe and effective.
  •  Life-style and Food coaching - what you do at you do at home and work is important to overall health and healing.  We strive to coach you on any aspect of your life that can adversely affect your health.
Results vary from person to person since we are not using any type of drug to create the change - it's your body doing the work.  The condition of your body determines how fast or slow the response is, so we do an in-depth evlauation before treatment can be recommended. 
We treat all ages, from new-borns to the elderly, and each patient is evaluated to determine the best course of action.   All treatment modalities are non-drug based, and have "little to non" negative side-effects.

What we do:

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