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Prior to treatment, an evaluation with Dr. Mary is necessary to uncover hidden weaknesses in the body's ability to heal, mend and repair. Oriental Medicine's unique approach enables a customized plan of action to be outlined to achieve the best results as quickly as possible. This 90 minute appointment looks at the body from a different perspective. Symptoms are viewed as indicators of a deeper problem or imbalance. Once that imbalance is identified, a course of treatment is presented - if appropriate. Many times, labs won't show what Oriental Medicine's ancient methods can reveal.  Watch the 12 min video "Beyond the Lab Tests - Oriental Medicine Fills the Gap" to get the 50% off code at the end.  Please call the clinic and speak to Rosa if you have any questions about this visit.  (727) 669-6000.  

In-Office Health Evaluation/Watch the video on the homepage for 50% off!

  • Once purchased, please call or email our office to set up an appointment and indicate you purchased an online voucher for an evalution.  

    Your shopping cart reciept will serve as your voucher for this appointment.  Thank you for your purchase!

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