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For those outside our area, a VIRTUAL evaluation with Dr. Mary will  uncover hidden weaknesses in the body's ability to heal, mend and repair. Oriental Medicine's unique approach enables a customized plan of action to be outlined to achieve the best results as quickly as possible. This appointment looks at the body from a different perspective. Symptoms are viewed as indicators of a deeper problem or imbalance. Once that imbalance is identified, reccomendations are made that may include food recomendations, life-style changes, self-care with qi gong/acupressure, and a specialized self-guided meditative physical reset. Many times, labs won't show what Oriental Medicine's ancient methods can reveal.  Watch the 12 min video "Beyond the Lab Tests - Oriental Medicine Fills the Gap" to get the 50% off code at the end.  Please call the clinic and speak to Rosa if you have any questions.  (727) 669-6000.  

VIRTUAL Evaluation with Dr.Mary

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