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Beyond Lab Tests ~ 

ANCIENT Medicine Fills the Gap

to Find the CAUSE of Your Health Problems.

Go beyond the lab tests and uncover optimal health!  In this 12 min video, learn the basic explanation of what Oriental Medicine is and it's history of 2500 years - medical books that date back to 500BC, how it's very different from Western Medicine all aspects. It can go way beyond the lab tests to enhance the immune system and promote wellness.  In the video, you will learn about an ancient way to evaluate WHY the body isn't functioning at its best, and what needs to be done to correct the problem.  Watch to the end to get a discount code for your evaluation with one of Healing Touch Oriental Medicine's amazing Acupuncture Physicians.  With this code, you will get a 50% discount applied at checkout.

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Fatigued?  Brain Fogged?  Thinning Hair?  Sluggish Metabolism?
Weight Gain?  Feeling OLDER Than You Are?

Even with NORMAL LAB TESTS, your thyroid could be the cause!  Undiagnosed Thyroid Issues are EPIDEMIC!  Don't wait years, like many do, for labs to show something - check out the Sluggish Thyroid Webinar; Click here to watch the next replay!

The Top 3 Mistakes People Make When Trying to Eat Healthy


Sweetener warning!


Artificial sweeteners will aggravate pain, and can fog your brain!  Watch out for this type of chemical in diet foods, chewing gum, and even toothpaste!  They HIDE in many food items.  They are often labeled as "sugar free".  

Move your Body!


Numerous studies show that you will improve health, your mind and your attitude when you move!  In Chinese Medicine, stagnation is one cause of illness - physical fitness on a regualr basis will reverse this! 

  • You will enhance your overall well-being with maintenance treatments! 


  • Getting your body tuned-up at least every few months, will keep you in tip-top shape! 

Looking For Something Different?
  • Are you tired of "managing" your symptoms? 
  • Would you like to discover the CAUSE of your symptoms using ancient diagnositc techniques?
  • Are all the labs "normal" even though you KNOW there is something wrong?


If you answered yes, we might have answers for you!


The Primary Care Practice of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine looks at the health of the body from a completely different perspective than what we've all grown up with - the Western Medicial system.  Western Medicine is a system based on bio-chemical anaysis of the body.  Oriental Medicine is based on a completely different science - the physics of electromagnetics - and dates back thousands of years.  It's a different perspective on human health and wellness.   


At it's core, Oriental Medicine can enhance your immune system to work at it's optimum.  It stimulates your body's ability to HEAL, MEND, and REPAIR!


And the best part, no negative side-effects!  


If you are suffering with an illness, integrating Oriental Medicine will help your body get well faster!


Did you know?  

  • Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine is a licensed and regulated practice of medicine.

  • In Florida it is defined as a form of Primary Health Care in FS457.  


Even though it has a history in China that dates back thousands of years, the American people became aware of it's existance after former US President Richard Nixon opened up China to the West in 1972.  Before that, it was a hidden secret that few in the US had exposure to.


Have you ever had the opportunity to explore it's benefits?  We invite you to check it out!   It could change your health, life and overall well-being. 


Dr. Mary Riggin, Clinic Founder -1996
Acupuncture Physician (FL)
Doctor of Acupuncture (RI)

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