The Soy Deception?

I heard this years ago after I jumped on the "soy is good for you" fad back around 1997. A few years later, I learned about the reality of how soy should be consumed, and went on the task of eliminating most of it from my diet. I learned how look for hidden soy, and GMO soy. I also learned I can use organic soy sauce (which is fermented and not GMO) to make stir-fry. I was so happy to hear this since stir fry veggies are a family favorite. The rest of the soy needed to go - this meant most of the chocolate out there! Oh no!! So, why was this such a concern? For me, It was the negative impact on my own thyroid and hormone balance that got me to make the change. My family history makes

Helping Arthritis Without Drugs

​Hidden under secret words, without even knowing it's there, is one of the biggest dietary additives in our food supply. Here's what happened... One of my patients was using this hidden additive and didn't even know it. This was causing a lot of issues with her arthritis and causing great pain. Her hands and fingers were continually swollen and felt hot. I had a gut feeling there was something in her diet that was aggravating her pain. I needed to dig deeper to try to figure out why she kept having such bad inflammation. We had already discussed artificial sweeteners and how she needed to stop using them if she wanted to get the best results from the acupuncture treatments. But,

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