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3 Ways to Avoid Getting Fat and Sick this Holiday Season!

Many people wait until the new year before they start thinking about their "health" and unfortunately this can end up being a big mistake. The holiday's tend to cause stress to increase - it could be the physical work needed to get things ready, or the emotional stress caused by friends and family, or the very hidden "chemical stress" caused by too much bad eating! Stress can also cause those unwanted pounds to manifest around the mid-section, hips and even the face and neck!

To get ahead of this, here's what you can do:

  1. If you know you "over-did" and are feeling it in your muscles or joints; take a day or two to just "take a break" and do something relaxing! Get a stress-reducing acupuncture or acupressure treatment targeted at your adrenal glands (the stress glands that sit on top of your kidneys); get a massage; go to a yoga class; take a long walk outside. Movement will help reduce the physical stress that can build-up in your system. Don't wait for "pain" to motivate your actions - be preventative. Most of us know when we have pushed too much, and that's good - just make sure to compensate for the extra stress by taking care of yourself BEFORE an issue strikes. (it's like doing body maintenance)

  2. Emotional stress can, at times, be more damaging than physical stress! How we respond to disappointments caused by others can affect how our body operates. The only thing we can really control is how we respond to situations; we cannot control how others act or how they treat us. However, doing this alone can seem impossible for many. So emotions end up getting bottled up inside, which can lead to disease. Ancient medical text books show clearly the connections between emotions and organ health. This is where the ancient methods used in Oriental Medicine can help a lot! We don't just cover-up the symptoms with anti-depressant medications - we treat the body so it can manage the stress by itself! Heal from within using ancient methods and your body can get back to emotional health and balance.

  3. Oh how we love our holiday food!! The parties and celebrations end up causing CHEMICAL stress in our body; and very specifically, HORMONE communication gets affected. If you've been indulging, make sure to do an organic veggie cleanse for a few days in-between your feasting! Since chemicals can get stuck in the hormones, the joints, the muscles, and even the brain, this should not be ignored! If you're feeling achy, foggy, stressed and tired - it's probably time to get this stuff cleared out of your system before worse things happen. This is where our specialized acu-point/ medical qi-gong methods work wonders. Acupuncture needles are optional for this treatment method; but adding it in is always helpful! Many of our patients keep up on monthly maintenance to keep this from building up in their systems. For many, disease can be avoided by keeping health at an optimal balance!

What to learn more? Check out the 12 min video on the home page to learn about the best kept secret in medicine.


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