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Qi Gong for an Immune System Boost!

Qi gong is the DIY of acupuncture. Based on the ancient texts, qi gong can be done anywhere by anyone!

During the 2020 Covid19 lockdown, I created a 6 week program that goes through all the various moves that can be done to improve the body's functions. Not only that, I did a deep dive into the theory behind why it works so well - I dug out my old text books from 30 years ago and taught through the relevant information to make this program work so well.

This is an online program that can done at your own pace over the course of 6 weeks - but the information and movements can be practiced over and over again!

Want to get the program? Go to our online store. If you want a discount code, contact us and mention this blog post for 50% off.


Dr Riggin's Natural Medicine Academy
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