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Feeling Run-Down? It's Time for an Acupuncture Tune-Up and Facial Refresher!

Summer activities and travel can sometimes wear you out. There may even be hidden food additives in snacks that can cause chemical stress. These are in the form of processed foods and snack foods eaten while on a road trip or vacation. Most of us do this thinking "It's okay since I'm eating these snacks in moderation" or "I'm on vacation so I want to treat myself".

Well, that may be true with some things, but the chemical stress that commercial and packaged foods create should be handled sooner than later.

Ideally, when you indulge, it's best to keep it homemade and organic as much as possible. If not, better have a game plan in place to correct the damage before it's a bigger issue.

Many of our patients will schedule a "detox" treatment to take care of those "vacation food" exposures. They have learned that if left untreated, it could end up as some type of "stagnation" in the body. This can manifest as fatigue, brain fog, achy joints, lethargy, lack of motivation, emotional outbursts, and even body pain.

If this is happening, get in as soon as possible so things don't become chronic and on-going. Then, you can get right back to the habits that create health and turn the downward spiral around to an upward trend.

Now, if you are feeling extra indulgent, schedule a Facial Acupuncture treatment to smooth lines, lift skin and get a refreshed look! Cosmetic acupuncture has been keeping women looking younger and more vibrant for thousands of years. Ditch the neurotoxins like B0T0X and get the look you desire using natural methods! Acupuncture will smooth wrinkles and revive a "tired" look by stimulating your body's ability to rejuvenate, all on it's own! Add in the extras like facial gua-sha and a specialized facial massage using herbs that bring a youthful vibrance to enhance the whole experience. The best part is there are no chemicals involved and no negative side-effects.

See you soon and until next time - here's to your health!

~ Dr. Mary Riggin


Dr Riggin's Natural Medicine Academy
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