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FDA Approves Cultivated Meat

So what's the big deal? The food industry has been making food in labs and factories for decades without any problems, and they say this is environmentally friendly. It's also being "branded" as meat without slaughter, which makes people feel better about their food; but do they really "feel better"? Check out what they are saying on the web.

From what I can see, the food industry has been bringing bio-tech into our food for decades especially in the US. There's been a green light from the FDA for many additives, chemical flavorings, vague ingredients, chemical processes, redefining what zero means as well as genetically modified and now "cultivated" which essentially means cloned. No label requirements either - it's just meat. Really???

I find it fascinating that this industry ditched the word cloned and now uses cultivated, which sounds so much better right? Well, I have issues with any food item made in a lab. My opinion on this is based on what I've seen in the overall health of our nation. If we were one of the healthiest on the planet I wouldn't have such an issue with our food supply as a whole, but we are not. In fact we are no where near the top and come in pretty low. So, why is this if we supposedly have the best food and medical care in the world? This just doesn't add up.

For decades our health has gone down while our medical care has increased, and we still maintain one of the lowest life expectancy coming in at number 48. This means you'll live longer in 47 other countries. This statistic comes from the website.

I've been watching this number for decades and even though we have so much attention on health and wellness, we are still well below what I'd expect. I believe this is due to our food supply along with heavy chemical exposures everywhere we look.

From pesticide to hormones given to livestock, to unregulated chemicals in personal care products to B0T0X (botulism toxin) being promoted as a wrinkle preventer for young women, we are killing ourselves with trying to look and feel better.

Such irony! Beauty and health isn't found in a chemical peel or a pill. It comes from within and starts with food grown the old fashioned way, on a farm. You have to have good quality fuel in order for the body to rebuild and repair cells effectively!

Did you know that everyday your body rebuilds new cells? We actually get a new body every seven years - but you wouldn't know it by looking at most of us. This is why I have the opinions on this that are radical and outside of the box thinking. People are getting more and more chronic illnesses, and they are younger and younger. Something has to change.

I say let's start with the next meal.


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