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Sarge the Foodie and Dr. Mary’s Rant ~ Watch those Holiday Treats!

Sarge and I love all the holiday parties and the fancy foods and treats during the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. For us, it starts with birthdays, then Thanksgiving, Christmas and runs all the way through to our anniversary at the end of January.

The best and healthiest way to indulge in treats and sweets is to make sure it’s homemade with organic ingredients. For me, this has become a necessity to maintain my quest for optimal health. Cheating during the holidays becomes an issue as you age and the impact on the body’s systems can take MONTHS to repair!

Genetic make-up and predisposition to disease plays a big role on how an individual can tolerate the additives and food chemicals in pre-made foods. Here’s the thing, it doesn’t show up over-night. It’s a slow build-up of toxicity that likes to hide in fat cells. That’s why the US has an obesity epidemic! But it doesn’t affect everyone the same way. That depends on your genetic make-up, family disease history, as well as your trauma history, eating habits and medications.

For me, my personal health history includes diabetes, obesity, cancer and early death. Even worse - my mom was fighting cancer while pregnant with me! As a natural healthcare provider since my early 30’s, I realized that if I’m going to beat the odds on my family’s disease history, I better do what I have to do to fight against my genetic weaknesses.

Here’s the problem I faced when I started to realize that the US food supply had a low level of poison throughout - I had to change my social behavior around food, and especially around the holiday season! No longer could I have “cheat” days or “cheat” on vacation. The additives were making their presence very apparent in my body, and I could no longer tolerate them!

As an experienced dieter of over 35 years, this was a delight and a horror! No cheating, because my body would reject the food additives. But, the long-term health results have been nothing short of miraculous! It’s the only program that actually perpetuates itself and you have to really work hard to cheat on it!

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