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An Egg is an Egg - or is it??

There are so many types of eggs out there! From the basic, cheaper by the dozen commercial kind to the pasture-raised organic kind.

What's the best kind? Does is really make a difference?

I've seen the documentaries, I've examined all the different types of eggs out there.

You have the basic white eggs, the free-range, the organic, the vegetarian fed, the pastured.

Personally, I've looked at most of them and here's what I've found out...

First off, I trust my eyes. What I do from time to time, is purchase a variety of types of eggs and just use one of each type and compare the egg yolks.

This is the first clue. If the egg's yolk is pale yellow, it's not as good as the yolk that is more of a deep yellow or orange.

I prefer eggs from chickens that have access to a pasture; so they can eat what they want. This includes a variety of bugs! Chickens eating this type of diet have eggs that have the deepest and best yolk color. The next is the free range or organic eggs; but sometimes these types of eggs come from chickens that are fed a diet that can contain grains and soy. In my opinion, this isn't as good as the eggs that come from chickens that can pick the type of food they want to eat from the pasture. The color of the egg's yolk proves my point. The deeper the color of the yolk, the more nutrition it contains which makes it a better egg.

The commercial white eggs; the cheap ones typically have the pale yolks, and are produced by factory chickens that are not cared for and are raised with industrialized farming practices. The feed is not ideal, and they get little to no room to roam. These animals live their lives in stressed conditions. They are sickly so are given drugs, and they ultimately produce substandard eggs. Food Inc. and other documentaries show how bad the conditions are, and why we all need to get the better quality if we want to get the best nutrition.

So, the next time you are purchasing your eggs, either get the pastured eggs; or do an experiment. Simply get a variety and make the comparison for yourself.

Until next time, try to eat food made from scratch with good quality ingredients and your body will continue to heal, mend and repair all on it's own!

Dr Riggin's Natural Medicine Academy
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