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Beware of Certain Nuts!

It's the season of chestnuts roasting... but is that the best way to eat nuts?

Eating nuts have gotten very popular since the "fat is bad" myth has been busted. Check out the article Time magazine published debunking the fat myth. Click here.

Bringing fat back into the diet can do wonders for brain health, as well as help keep you full!

BUT the right kind of fat is what's necessary. Nuts provide an amazing array of nutrients including the good kind of fat that nourishes your brain. However, getting the right kind of nuts is the trick.

Roasted and flavored nuts are processed and typically have less than desirable ingredients. Be sure to read your ingredient label! The other issue with roasted nuts is that they are very hard and crunchy. This can pose a problem with the intestines and aggravate bowel disorders.

Raw nuts are better since there's nothing added; but be careful of eating too many as they can affect your digestive system. There is an enzyme inhibitor on raw nuts, so soaking overnight is recommended.

Once soaked, you rinse and let dry. The nuts are now sprouted and perishable. Make sure you only soak enough for a few days since they will spoil within few days. I have found that they taste better once soaked since the enzyme inhibitor can have a bitter taste. This was very apparent when I soaked walnuts. The water from the soaking was a dirty brown, and once I rinsed them and let them dry a bit, they tasted amazing! I never liked walnuts before, but now they actually have a sweetness to them, instead of the bitterness. Who knew soaking could make such a difference? Crazy how it took decades to learn about soaking raw nuts!

With regards to nut butters; these are typically made with roasted nuts - so just make sure there's no added oils or sugars or flavors. Read your labels!

Nut milks need to be scrutinized carefully! Most nut milks are loaded with fillers and gums. I suggest making your own with raw nuts that you've soaked overnight. I use a Vita Mix and make my own; but be aware, the water will separate from the nuts since nothing is being added to make it creamy.

Nuts are a great snack that's filling, nourishing and filled with great nutrition. Just make sure you look at the types, the processing, and get a variety!

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