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Quick-Start for a Healthy New Year!

Indulging over the holiday season has become an annual tradition in many homes, including my own. Now that the season is over, it's time to get serious about food, fitness and health. With all the news reports of deadly viruses it's more important than ever to keep boosting the immune system! Even Time magazine featured a story a few weeks ago about the CDC's (Center for Disease Control) warning about the severity of this seasons. Read the Time article here. One the reasons we can end up sick after the holidays is because it is so easy to get off track and eat more treats, and exercise less. For many, the close of the holiday season leaves us with a few extra pounds and for some, cravings for sugar. If you can put it down for 3 days, you can beat the cravings. Why is it important to get rid of the excess sugar?

Three big reasons: Pain. Inflammation. Lower immunity.

If you struggle with cravings; check out my ebook "Freedom From Junk Food in 7 Days"

Until next time, here's to your health!

Dr Riggin's Natural Medicine Academy
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