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This Week Only - Boost the Immune System - Free Video Lessons!

In response to our current stressful Covid pandemic emergency, Dr. Mary’s been releasing free video excerpts from her online training program “Boost the Immune System in 6 weeks” and they’ll be up until the next class starts next Monday, Sept 28, 2020. Check them out below; there’s 5 free video excerpts lessons and only one of them requires an email to watch.

**Watch the 4 min video on how to remove stress with a quick acupressure point on the wrist.

**Watch two quick videos here; one on how to turn rice into medicine and one to learn what NOT to eat to keep your body healthy and strong!

**5 min - Learn a special acupressure technique that can reduce and even eliminate a frown line! No botox necessary! (Dr Mary’s kept her’s gone for almost 20 years!)

**2 min - the 39 Lung Pumps. This is a qigong movement that’s excellent to give a boost during the day. (It’s an exercise that stimulates the same stuff acupuncture stimulates)

Ready to take a deeper dive into this amazing ancient medical system, now’s the time! Register now!

The next 6-week session will start the week of September 28, 2020. Since this is a virtual program; it is possible to do it anytime - so no excuses!

Dr. Riggin’s Boost the Immune System 6-week program includes weekly video lessons that cover the following: Register now!

**Ancient movements that stimulate the same stuff acupuncture stimulates. This includes medical qigong and a variety of methods that can help regulate the body’s internal organs and how the body holds its own structure. Muscles and other soft tissue hold the bones in place - looking at this symmetry, or how balanced the body is - can implicate health. Symmetrical balance is vital for optimal health. Asymmetrical means you are off-balance (like a bad alignment on a car) and it’s vital to work on this before it gets worse - which can lead an array of issues due to miss-communication.

**Acupressure points specific for a variety of ailments, including stress, low energy, poor mood, hormone imbalance, digestion problems, sleep, mental focus and clarity and more. At it’s basic level, the body will respond to the stimulation of these points and start working towards self-regulation. Our body wants to be balanced. Symptoms are our body’s way of telling us something is wrong. Our modern medical culture tells us to take a medication to turn-off the symptom; that’s fine for a temporary fix - but it’s not a long-term solution. It’s necessary to discover the underlying imbalance causing the symptom and address that, in order to see consistent improvement.

**Learn how to turn food to medicine. Using this method of choosing foods have helped many reduce and eliminate many ailments along with the medications needed to manage those symptoms. By learning how to turn food into medicine and by applying this method, a side-effect is anti-aging! It happens because eating like this stimulates the body’s own regenerative growth hormone. A pill or a supplement won’t work for this - the body needs to make it; remember that 9 min video on “What NOT to Eat?” - if not, go watch it now, it’s the 2nd link - that lesson dove deep into the real issues with many of the foods we consume. Those same foods will also inhibit growth hormone (that magical anti-aging hormone our liver produces) and contribute to disease. See how deep this stuff goes?

**The back-story and theory which makes it all work so well and how to apply all this new knowledge to help take control of health and wellness. Understanding the "why" behind why something is important, even if it takes time to put it into practice, behavior is more likely to change for the long-term. Think of it this way; we all know it’s best to keep our teeth cleaned daily. We’ve been taught that if we don’t do these things, there are repercussions that can create a lifetime of dental issues. So, here’s the point and the correlation - having a solid understanding of some of the basics of how this ancient medicine works will help create a new behavior by providing an understanding of health using a completely different way of thinking. It’s one of reasons the Asian cultures enjoy the longest longevity rates on the planet.

**A personalized health history evaluation. Participants will receive a personalized evaluation of the health history questionnaire they submit and will be given personalized recommendations on how natural healthcare can be utilized to help their particular situation. These recommendations can include types of foods and appropriate fitness, as well as recommendations for natural healthcare professionals to consult with in their local community.

**Email support through the entire program. Support and help is provided throughout the 6 weeks to give the push and encouragement needed to keep going! The personalized help and coaching will help customize the program to meet one’s particular needs.

**Weekly live Zoom group coaching calls. To review the week’s lessons, answer questions and get in another session of guided acupressure, qigong and more.

**Live Workshop. This is planned for November.

Program Cost: $1200 (Yes - it's a lot - but what's a lifetime of health worth?)

Current Early Bird Discount: $600 WOW! (Extended due to technical glitches)

The next session starts the week of Sept 28, 2020 and will run for 6 weeks.

Tight schedule? Give this program just one hour per week - ANYTIME - for the next 6 weeks, and see a change and gain knowledge that will last a life-time. Now's the time to start!

Once registration closes, the next class will probably be in January.

For our patients at the clinic there's an additional savings coupon. If you missed the email with the coupon code (its a BIG discount) contact Rosa at the clinic for details and the code. 727-669-6000

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