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Live Longer outside the USA...

Most people don't realize that our bodies are made to rebuild themselves. If we all really understood this process, we would be WAY more attentive to what we put in an on our bodies, and especially our food choices.

In the US, we have some of the most adulterated and tainted food in the world. It may have passed FDA standards, but those standards are pretty low. Look at the facts. According to the CIA, in 2015 the US was listed at number 43 in life expectancy. That means you will live longer in 42 other countries.

Look for yourself:

One the biggest problems with our food is that we don’t look at what we are eating. This can be deadly.

The first step towards eating healthier is be more aware of what you are eating! A common belief, even though incorrect, is that if something is in the grocery store it’s okay to eat. Unfortunately, this idea has lead our whole society down an ignorant path of not looking at labels. We’ve made the mistake of believing that some government agency is screening these things for us and that if it's on the shelf it's safe to eat. This mistake has contributed to the steady decline in our nation’s health, and the marked increase in diseases such as diabetes and other metabolic problems.

Here’s one of the biggest mistakes people make when reading a food label, they only look at the nutrition facts. You may say, “that’s what I was told to do!” Well, unfortunately, its simply not enough. This became very clear to me when I was helping a diabetic friend understand this concept.

The nutritionist her MD recommended only pointed out the nutrition label facts, and specifically the sugar count. For her, this was a step in the right direction, since she hadn’t been looking at this at all. But unfortunately, if she has a chance of rebuilding her body’s systems that were failing due to the diabetes, she needed to look at way more than just how many sugars were in something. This is part of the problem. When disease hits, so many people get so focused on only looking at the “numbers” related to the disease, sometimes to the demise of other body parts.

Follow me here - if my diabetic friend only looked at “sugar” numbers, her entire diet could potentially be made up of poor-quality food mixed with food chemicals, additives, preservatives, etc. You get the idea. This diet, although low in “sugar” and keeps the blood sugar count in normal range, will not give the body the fuel it needs to actually repair the damage that’s accumulated over the course of decades.

So, what’s the first step to changing this? Look at the ingredient labels! You’d be surprised how many ingredient items are listed on the average box of food the don’t resemble anything you’d find on the farm 100 years ago.

This is what I’ve recommended to my patients; make sure ingredient labels don’t include items you wouldn’t find on the farm. If you can’t pronounce it, if you need a chemist to explain it, if it has a number, or even if it’s vague (like - natural flavors) put it back!

Look at labels this week and see what you find - it will shock you!

Try this, and let me know YOUR experiences as you start removing "chemicals" and "numbers" from your foods. Most people report improvements in their in as little as 2 weeks! Tell us your story!

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