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Is it CLEAN?

Regardless of your healthy eating preferences, looking at quality of the food item is absolutely essential if you want the best results from your program.

One the areas that is so important is to eat more meals that are prepared at home. Getting "others" out of your food supply will greatly reduce your toxic chemical exposure. (it's the hidden accumulation of food chemicals that eventually catch up to you)

This is one of the reasons why there is so much confusion around what a healthy diet is; and why, as an example, people from France can eat wheat, butter and wine and stay trim and healthy. Yes, they are way more active in many European countries, but the biggest difference is that they are not using high levels of pesticides, food additives, GMO seeds, nor do they clone animals or "industrialize" their farms the way it's done in the US.

The Standard American Diet (SAD - I heard that acronym from Dr. Daniel Amen at a seminar recently) is directly responsible for many of the chronic, auto-immune and hormone problems the people who live in the USA suffer from on a daily basis.

Clinically, I've witnessed many lives and health issues change for the better when the diet - regardless of the type - consists of all organic ingredients that are prepared at home.

My challenge to anyone who suffers with any type of symptoms in their body is this: try to switch everything you put into your mouth to an organic version - for 2 weeks. Just try it and see how you feel.

If you take me up on this challenge, let me know how you do with the change up!

Until next time; eat and live everyday so your body will: Heal, Mend and Repair!

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