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Sarge the Foodie Rant: 3 rules for labels

Today’s Sarge the Foodie’s Rant:

“If you don’t have a dog’s nose, read the ingredient labels and follow the rules below!”

Sarge doesn’t need to read the labels, he can smell the food chemicals. Most of us don’t have that ability; although I have become more aware of chemical smells over the years. I believe this is because my sense of smell has improved with the removal of the chemicals that actually trick your body into believing they are good and tasty.

It was probably about 2 years after I switched to a mostly organic and home-made diet that I started to get nauseated when I would walk past the bakery and deli section of the local grocery store. It dawned on my that my body was getting cleaned-up enough on the inside that it was able to actually identify the chemicals through my sense of smell. It would even manifest as a headache between my eyes if I lingered too long in that section. Weird. But when I thought about it, perhaps it was a good sign. A sign that my body was healing and becoming more aware of the food chemicals.

The pain was a clear indicator that I should not consume these things under any circumstances. This now presented with a new issue - I now had to always be prepared with my food, unless I was willing to fast. Picking something up to eat while "out and about" was no longer an option - oh the behavioral changes I had to go through! It’s taken years; but so so so worth it! At 55 years old, I feel more vibrant than ever!

So, back to Sarge’s foodie thought - before you crack open a box, a bag, a can, or a jar - basically anything with a label on it - look at the ingredient label.

If you:

  1. Cannot understand a word, don’t eat it.

  2. If it has a number in the ingredients, don’t eat it.

  3. If you cannot identify the source of the item, don’t eat it.

Sarge’s preference is always home-made with organic ingredients. By using every thing fresh and bulk, the cost increase for the organic items becomes moot. Boxed and processed items are expensive, even if they are cheap like at discount stores. The cheaper the packaged item the worse the ingredients. This can lead to big bad ugly disease over time. Not only does that item have the cost of the so-called food, you are also

paying for profit margin, printing, food engineering, and preservatives. Keep these to a minimum and scrutinize using the 3 points above.

Here’s to your health and remember, every day is another opportunity for your body to:

Heal - Mend - Repair

Mary Riggin

healer. writer. educator. political activist.

musician. grandmother. dog mom.

Dr Riggin's Natural Medicine Academy
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