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Sarge the Foodie's Cranberry Sauce Recipe

Sarge the Foodie loves how his mom (that would be me) can make everyone’s favorite Thanksgiving side-dishes without compromising quality or including any food additives, flavors or chemical names or numbers.

This way I can keep on my diet of homemade meals using clean organic ingredients. What I find amusing is that I’m still using the “Betty Crocker’s Cookbook” my mother bought me in a garage sale in 1981; it has a 1972 copyright. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not following the cookbook EXACTLY as written - I’m skipping the lard, and the margarine, and the canned fruits, and the white flour, and the white sugar and brown sugar. I’m substituting more low carb, low glycemic index AND low insulin index. This can get tricky and it’s taken me YEARS to get it; but, it has been worth the trouble!

For me, getting all the holiday food handled, without creating more damage that seems to take longer and longer to recuperate from, has been a total life-saver and helps me stay on my path to optimal health by incorporating one of the biggest factors in that quest: turning my food into my medicine. That has taken YEARS to create, but funny thing about time and years - it’s all going to go by no matter what you do! Investing in your body’s longevity, by using food, is the best way to create an ongoing rejuvenation of your body’s systems. Food is a major factor; but not the only one! (more about that in another post!)

For this process of making food my medicine, I had to go through a whole education about what the purpose of food even was! So, to make this more interesting for me, I made the process more of a hobby, rather than a chore. Cooking is something we do to live. Sarge knew as a puppy the difference between good food and processed foods. I think it’s why he picked us - but that’s another story in another blog post.

Here’s what I did for my cranberry sauce, it wasn’t that hard but you do need to make at least one day before you are serving.

I follow the recipe but for every ingredient I get organic and fresh. So I use the fresh organic cranberries.

For the sugar, I substituted equal amounts of coconut palm sugar.

I also add pineapple and walnuts after the cooking process. It makes it sweeter and a bit crunchy.

For the walnuts, I get them raw, and soak them overnight. Then I rinse them and let them dry on a paper towel. Then I chop them up and add to the cranberry sauce after it’s made.

Here’s a picture of the recipe from the book I use. Make the appropriate substitutions and enjoy!

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