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Diabetes GONE! - A Health Options Miracle Moment

Paul’s (fictitious name for privacy purposes) diabetes was starting to take over his life. Even though he followed all the rules, went to the classes, and bought all the “diabetes friendly” foods and drinks like diet sodas, sugar-free treats, and low fat foods - his numbers were still rising. He could get that blood sugar level to drop below 200 no matter what he ate. All the doctors could do was keep increasing he medications.

When he came to me with this condition that was so out of control, I was hopeful we could help after discussing his current situation. However, I was clear about one thing, it was going to take A LOT of work on Paul’s part. His diet MUST change. In my “holistic” and natural medicine world, consuming food chemicals like diet drinks and foods, would eventually make things worse. I had watched this with many patients over many years - the food must get “cleaned” up if there was a chance of rebuilding and repairing the body’s systems.

After several months of treatment and learning how to use his food as his medicine, Paul’s blood sugar numbers finally normalized! Now, years later, he no longer needs any diabetes medications, and his health is better than it’s been in decades!

For those currently suffering, never give up - there’s always hope. Today is the best day to start focusing on your body’s needs and using Oriental Medicine is the best way to get on that path to improved health and well-being.

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