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Sarge the Foodie: Ditch the Processed!

Today's rant is about factory produced foods. When I brought Sarge home as a puppy, he was so picky about his food! I think it's because he could smell the food chemicals.

Food wasn't meant to be cooked and packaged in a factory, and given an extended shelf life. Food's purpose is to provide your body with the fuel it needs to rebuild good, healthy cells so organ function can work smoothly.

If all we eat are pre-made, food-like edible items, our body just won't operate as well as if it was getting home-cooked fresh meals. But, here's the other thing, as we age, there is much less tolerance of those food chemicals, and body parts start to hurt.

The best way to combat that is to consume freshly made meals, and as much organic as possible if you live in a country that allows chemicals and GMO in their farming. For more information on this issue in the US, go to the Environmental Working Group website and get the latest dirty dozen/clean fifteen list of produce items. Here's a link to the full list of to top 51 produce items in the US ranked dirtiest (up to 67 pesticides per serving) to the cleanest. Click here for the list.

As you work on looking at all the different aspects of health and longevity, don't forget to honor the learning journey and the healing process. Everyday is an opportunity for your body to rebuild and repair. BUT one of the most important things to remember is that it needs good quality fuel to make that happen.

So, today's question is: "'What in your body's fuel today?"

Remember, live everyday so your body can: Heal. Mend. Repair.

Until next time, I'm Dr. Mary Riggin - thanks for reading my rant.

Dr Riggin's Natural Medicine Academy
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