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Sarge The Foodie: Not all "natural" meats are the same...

Sarge The Foodie

Sarge the Foodie was at it again.

He came to us a food snob at the age of 12 weeks old. Skinny and picky.

I think he was born knowing there was something "funky" with the food. He snubbed the puppy food they sent us home with; but he loved the organic puppy food. Wow - he knew the difference. I think he could smell it. That big and very sensitive nose... knows.

A few weeks ago, my husband was in one of the bigger grocery store chains that jumped on the "organic and clean" food bandwagon several years ago. With all of the many choices in my community, the more recent years have given us a variety of natural food stores within minutes of my home. Anyway, he fed Sarge the meat from this store that was supposed to be "all natural" but it didn't say "organic" or "grass fed".

Much to our surprise he SNUBBED THE MEAT!! OMG. I was astonished. He didn't like the "all natural" meat - he wants his really clean organic and grass fed animal protein!

This serves as a lesson for all of us. I'm recommending all my patients to really scrutinize your food choices! Not all food in the grocery store is the same! Make sure to read the Ingredients label; not just the front label. Even better.. skip the boxes, bags, jars, plastic containers, anything with a nutrition label on it, altogether. Cooking isn't hard - there's just a learning curve since we got used to short cuts in the kitchen. Unfortunately those shortcuts come with a big price tag, literally and on our body's internal function. THAT eventually leads to pain and disease. For those using any type of natural medicine to help their health, turning your food into medicine is critical in order to get the very best results.

This is why I always recommend eating homemade organic food.

Sarge knew this as a puppy, and I'm grateful!

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