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Opioid Alternative: Harvard endorses Acupuncture

It's been years now, we've been hearing about the opioid crisis and few solutions have been offered. On the other had, for decades I've been able to help those suffering with chronic pain find relief using acupuncture.

The article on the Harvard website, about using acupuncture for pain relief, was one of the best things for people's skepticism. I'm so excited to finally see more acceptance! However, even though acupuncture is licensed as a form of primary healthcare in Florida, few people get to experience it's miraculous results. Getting it to be part of standard of care is what's needed for it to become mainstream. This amazing system of practicing medicine fills the gaps in our current overwhelmed healthcare system. If acupuncture and oriental medicine were fully integrated into our healthcare system, we would see a big shift in our nation's health and wellness.

Why? Because our current system is disease based and focused, and of course we need that, but we also need something else.

Oriental medicine's foundation is based on encouraging the body's systems to heal, mend and repair all on their own. This is what makes this practice of acupuncture and oriental medicine so different and miraculous.

Each practitioner may vary the style they practice, but the foundation of oriental medicine is what makes it work. This ancient system of practicing medicine has its own unique diagnostic techniques and unique methods of treatment.

It dates back thousands of years and has little to no side effects.

The oldest known text, "The Medical Classic of the Yellow Emperor" dates back to 475BC! When I heard this back in 1992 I was sold, I enrolled in school and embarked on a journey that has enabled me to see amazing things. The human body is capable of regenerating. This practice of medicine provides the tools to encourage that process.

Click the link below to read what Harvard Health Publishing at Harvard Medical School, had to say about the role of acupuncture for pain.

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