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A Quick Announcement and A Favor...

I hope you have been able to stay well during this stressful time in our culture. We are all still feeling the stress. It’s for that reason I jumped into the virtual world of online training back in March when I had to cease in-office acupuncture visits.

Many needed to stay connected during our “stay at home” order, so by offering a weekly live zoom call, along with video lessons, I ended up with a complete training program! Well, in May, I opened the doors back up to in-office acupuncture treatment; but there were those who wanted to continue with coaching! So, I've been busy all summer in the clinic as well as producing additional trainings. Also, we've had office hours change to Tues to Thur; with Wednesday being our late night now. But here's the big news...

Now, I'm ready to launch the program: Dr. Riggin’s Boost the Immune System Naturally, in 6 Weeks!

In the program, you’ll learn an ancient exercise that stimulates the same stuff acupuncture stimulates, special foods, and more, to Boost Your Immune System, Naturally, at home!

Since the training includes live coaching calls, it will only be offered a few times a year. So, I’m about ready to open registration for the next 6-week training program.

Before I do, I have a couple of questions. Would you do me a big favor and help me out?

Just click this link and answer the 2 questions in the survey. Thanks so much for taking a moment to do this; I look forward to reading your response!

Dr Riggin's Natural Medicine Academy
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