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3 Types of Treatment Options = Optimal Health!

Most of our regular patients already know this, but it's always worth repeating...

Using Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine as primary care for optimal health wins the day - every time.

  • It's ancient (books go back to 500BC)

  • Proven effective (1000's ofdocumentation)

  • Safe (no negative side-effects when performed by a state Licensed Acupuncturist)

However, when someone quits treatment after they feel better, but neglect to keep working on the underlying imbalances, pain could return, or a different problem could manifest. When it's investigated, we find that the same imbalance is there even though the original pain is gone.

This is why we offer three types of plans to our patients. First comes Relief of Symptoms, then Correction of the underlying imbalances that contributed to the symptoms and then Maintenance care to promote optimal health!

Here's a brief explanation:

  • Relief Care - gets the pain handled! BUT only treating pain makes this type plan short-sighted in the long run. On a foundational level, symptoms are an indicator of the bigger problem, not the main problem. It's how your body tells you there are issues!

  • Corrective Care - goes beyond the symptoms and continues treating the overall imbalance so the body can heal, mend and repair more effectively.

  • Maintenance - Once improvement reaches a plateau, maintaining what's been achieved is important so the body can continue to operate as optimal as possible!

In 2020, when Covid hit hard, we put our patients on herbal medicine to support the immune system and recommended food and fitness. I even created an at-home learning program to address this crisis. The results:

None our active maintenance patients got Covid in 2020; even when exposed in their household!

Impressive! But no surprise. We had the diagnostic methods and treatment tools needed to immediately jump into action and be proactive in our approach. The methods are ancient and we are experts in how to use them!

Ready to get evaluated? Check out the video on the home page to get more information and a 50% off discount code for an evaluation!


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