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Boost the Immune System with Acupuncture?

But how does it work? Simply stated - by stimulating your body's ability to heal, mend and repair!

Tiny needles, I like to call "pins" are placed in very specific locations on the body. There are hundreds of points all over the body - around the feet, ankles, and legs; and then there's the points below the elbows and along the forearm and the hands. Each of these locations connect to other locations and can actually turn-on internal organ function! Imagine, little pins that act like little antennae, and when placed at precisely the correct location, they act like a computer program to reset the how the body functions!

It's Amazing!

I know it sounds pretty far-fetched and unbelievable; but let me tell you - I've watched it work for DECADES! And personally, I've used it as my own form of primary care for 30 years!

So how does it help the immune system? Well, simply put - it stimulates your body's ability to heal, mend and repair its various systems all on its own! I wish my car did that; but alas, it does not, but my body does!!

The question then becomes, why aren't we all doing it? Well, I've been asking that question for years and I still don't have an answer that doesn't involve conspiracy theories and a rabbit trail I'm not interested in going down.

For now, all I can say is that this type of healthcare isn't for everyone; but for those that it is right for - it is truly the miracle they've been looking for their entire life. Find out more by watching the 12 min video "Beyond the Lab Tests - Oriental Medicine Fills the Gap" It's on the home page:


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