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Doctor Heal Thy Self....

Dr. Mary and Dr. Lauren

After more than 25 years treating patients, it's time for me to take an extended sabbatical.

2020 was a life-altering year for all of us. Through it all; I've always tried to practice what I preach and be "real" with our patients.

During the shut-down, many signed up for my Boost the Immune System program and achieved huge benefits. Throughout the program, my own health was also helped. I also realized my own qi was tired and needed an extended break from treating patients. That started my search for the right doctor.

Over a year of searching and finally the right doctor connected with us.

Since relocating to our community in March, Dr. Lauren Marienski, LAc, AP, has been working by my side with our patients. I've also had the benefit of being treated by her. This is one of many reasons why it took so long for me to find someone. I was looking for a doctor that would be treating me, and I'm a complicated case!

So, I'm excited to be able to take a break knowing that all of my patients will be in good hands with Dr. Lauren. And during this time of rest, I will also have the opportunity to spend more precious time with my 8 grandchildren.


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