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Post-Thanksgiving To-Do.... The Green Cleanse!

Families around the country gathered for biggest feast day of the year. For many, this kicks-off the next 4 weeks of excess eating - which is no surprise! In addition to too much rich and fatty foods, you may also have been exposed to those nasty "excitotoxins". These hidden food additives wreak havoc on the brain and causes food cravings that cannot be stopped! Once they get a hold of your brain chemistry, the addiction cycle becomes a losing battle that for many, ends at the bottom of a bag of cookies.

This is why I always recommend making theses types of delights at home and from scratch. This way you can control what goes in, and this little step removes those nasty chemicals that are designed to make us addicted to that product.

That's why the "from scratch" part is so important. Those additives in the boxed foods is where the trouble starts. READ the words on the ingredient labels and you can eliminate a lot of food chemicals. You can read more about this in my book, "Freedom From Junk Food in 7 Days; Dr. Riggin's Two-Step Cravings Annihilator"

Back to Holiday eating - it's going to happen, most of us do it at some point - so what to do about it when we get a bit out of control?

Cleanse. We wash the outside of our body; we need to wash the inside.

Cleansing is necessary because indulging in too much rich food and fats, even if it is good quality and made at home, can get stuck in our systems which can make things sluggish.

A great way to cleanse is to use green produce - juices, salads, soups, stews. Use a vegetable base and no animal products. Fruits can be mixed with greens in juices. Keep all of the fats to a minimum since the liver and gallbladder need a rest from all the holiday fatty delights. Increase fruits and veggies as snacks throughout the day, and make sure to drink plenty of water. Fermented foods like sour kraut or Kombucha is also helpful for cleansing.

Also, one of my favorites for cleaning up the system is the Cranberry Health Drink! Drink this 3 times per day for continued cleansing. Mix together: 2 oz pure cranberry juice, 1 tsp apple cider vinegar, 1tsp lemon juice, 18 oz water. This is also talked about in the book, and can also help curb sugar cravings!

Cleansing after big holiday meals can help clear out all of that excess food, improve the metabolism, and get you ready for the next holiday!

Make this your habit after every indulgent meal to keep your body cleansed and healthy!


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